This Department was started as the department of Casualty in 1923, with the inaguration of AMC/ KGH, It was upgraded as the Department of Emergency Medicine in 2007 to enhance patient care, through the appropriate triage of patients as well as better acute managment of patients and to fecilitate the transition to the appropriate department and level of care.

The new building that houses the department was inagurated in 2018 and the National Emergency Life Support(NELS) skill lab was inagurated in 2021 in Andhra Medical College. In 2022, The posts of Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor were created for Andhra Medical College. The Professor post is yet to be filled, with the Associate Professor serving as the in-charge head of the department at this present time.

The present Emergency Medicine Department has 30 inpatient beds. Of  these, 10 beds are equipped with vetillatory services. The department hosts seperate major and minor operation theaters for Neurosurgery, General Surgery, an Orthopedics. The department is staffed around the clock with Casualty Medical Officers, Surgical Specialists, Interns, Nursing Officers and Medical technicians for the service of patient presenting to the emergency room at King George Hospital.

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