AMC Curriculam Committee

Purposes and Functions of the Curriculum Committee Through its Government administration and oversight of the undergraduate program leading to the MBBS degree, Andhra Medical College Curriculum Committee ensures that students learn the requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors to progress to residency training.

AMC Curriculum Committee functions in accordance with the MCI mandate that “there must be integrated institutional responsibility…for the overall design, management, and evaluation of a coherent and coordinated curriculum.” Curriculum Design and Management .

AMC Curriculum Committee works to continually update the medical curriculum and to ensure that students receive the most effective and relevant curriculum for the practice of medicine.

Curriculum Design and Management Functions:

  • Review Competencies – Review, evaluate, and periodically update the competencies of the entire medical education program.

Ensure adequate coverage of all competencies throughout the curriculum.

Consult with individual course directors to evaluate whether the distribution of competencies among courses is logical and coherent.

  • Ensure Vertical and Horizontal Integration

Horizontal Integration –  Assess whether each course employs multidisciplinary, foundational concepts from the pertinent basic sciences disciplines that advance understanding of clinical medicine.

Vertical Integration – Assess whether the sequencing of courses provides a functional building of concepts to facilitate student learning.

Make recommendations on curriculum course/clerkship structure based on feedback from the Quality Assurance Reports