White coat ceremony organised for new MBBS  2023 batch students of Andhra Medical College

A white coat ceremony was organised for the newly-admitted 2023 centenary batch of Andhra Medical College (AMC) on 22nd September 2023 at 10:00 am by the administration.

The keynote address was be given by Principal – Dr G Butchi Raju , Prof of Neurology,  Andhra Medical College , Additional Director of Medical Education, AP also administered the Hippocratic Oath and Maharshi Charak Shapath Oath prescribed by the NMC to the medical students and spoke about symbolic rite of passage shared by medical students across the Globe to establish a psychological contract for professionalism and empathy in the practice of medicine.

Additional speakers include:

Vice Principal( Admin ) Dr Manmadha Rao , Prof & HOD General Surgery ,

Dr.Bhavani , Prof & HOD Biochemistry  , Dr Padma Geethajali , Prof & HOD Physiology , Dr Ravindra Kishore , Prof & HOD , Anatomy and other Faculty members.

245 students were adorned with white coats marking the onset of medical profession. it’s a symbol of their future as healers and health care providers. The ceremony stresses the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and the relevance of the white coat as a cloak of compassion.