Mortality Meeting

A mortality meeting at AMC is typically a clinical or medical gathering where healthcare professionals discuss and analyze patient deaths. The purpose of these meetings is to review and learn from adverse outcomes, identify areas for improvement in patient care, and enhance patient safety.

During a mortality meeting, the attending healthcare professionals discuss the medical history, treatment provided, and the circumstances leading to the patient’s death. They analyze the factors that contributed to the adverse outcome, including potential errors or shortcomings in the medical care provided.

This meeting aims to foster a culture of transparency, open communication, and continuous learning within the healthcare system.

The participants in a mortality meeting typically include medical professionals directly involved in the care of the patient, as well as administrators, quality improvement staff, and others responsible for evaluating and improving patient care ( Faculty & Post Graduates ) . The discussions and insights from these meetings can lead to improvements in clinical practices, protocols, and procedures to prevent similar adverse outcomes in the future.