The department was started in King George Hospital and eventually moved to a different location. It is the only subspecialty hospital for ENT in the enitre state of Andhra Pradesh. The 100 bed hospital located in Pedda Waltair was inaugurated on 10/05/2005. It is a 3 storey building with a ground floor consisting of an outpatient block, emergency block, surgial ICU, pharmacy/ clinical lab and a COVID screening and triage center.

There are 2 inpatient wards in addition to 2 operating rooms with 4 operation tables for elective surgeries. The department is equipped with the latest equipment including operating microscopes and CO2 LASER. The cochlear implantation program was initiated on 06/06/2018 and to date 63 surgeries were done. A PSA oxygen plant was installed on 10/01/2022 that generates 1000 liters of oxygen per minute.

There are regular workshops and CME conducted, and an on site temporal bone dissection lab provides hands on teaching experience to the trainees. The department provides outpatient and inpatient services including audiometry services and preop and postop audio‐verbal therapy for cochlear implant recipients. Outpatient services include the SADARAM camps that are conducted in rural and tribal areas. Total number of outpatients seen in 2022 were 87,00 patients with over 13,000 surgeries done at the hospital

Heads of Department

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List of Teaching Faculty

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr.K. Jeevan Pradeep, MS  Professor Unit 1
2 Dr.R. Bhimeswar, MS  Professor Unit 2
3 Dr.S. Muralidhara Rao, MS  Professor Unit 3
4 Dr.M. Veera Kumar, MS Associate Professor Unit 1
5 Dr.K. Bhaskaran, MS Associate Professor Unit 2
6 Dr. M. Prabhakar, MS Associate Professor Unit 3
7 P. Rambabu, MS Assistant Professor(s) Unit 1
8 Ch. Ramesh Kumar , MS Assistant Professor(s) Unit 1
9 G. Keerthi Varma, MS Assistant Professor(s) Unit 1
10 B. Ajay Kumar, MS Assistant Professor(s) Unit 2
11 D. Bhima Rao, MS Assistant Professor(s) Unit 2
12 D. Siva Sankariah, MS Assistant Professor(s) Unit 2
13 K. Sridevi, MS Assistant Professor(s) Unit 3
14 Sriramanaveen Kumar, MS Assistant Professor(s) Unit 4
15 Fathima, MS Assistant Professor(s) Unit 4