This department was established as a separate entity in Panagal building in 1923, and a research laboratory was established thereafter under the guidance and advice of a biochemist, King Wooton, from the UK. The first three year post graduate degree (MD) in Biochemistry was awarded in 1977 and in the following years a separate research laboratory was set up for postgraduate students. A separate 24 hour clinical laboratory was set up in 1998 near the KGH post office. Well established 24 hour clinical laboratory facilities are being provided since 2014 initiated by the then Superintendent of KGH.

Today, the clinical biochemistry laboratory provides clinical support to all of KGH and runs an average of 2500 tests per day and approximately 75,000 biochemical tests per month. The department has been part of the wining thr “AIIMS CEREBRUM” tropy froim AIIMS Mangalagiri yearly

List of Teaching Faculty

1Dr.V. Bhavani, MDProfessor
2Dr.K.V. Leela,  MDProfessor
3Dr.I. Vasundhara Devi, MDAssociate Professor
4Dr.G.Prem Kumar, MDAssociate Professor
5Dr.P. Vijaya Radhika, MDAssistant Professor
6Dr.Y. Surya Prabha, MDAssistant Professor
7Dr.K. Deepti, MDAssistant Professor
8Dr.M. Madhuri, MDAssistant Professor
9Dr.P.V.S.N. Kiran Kumar, MDAssistant Professor
10Dr.G. Krishna Rao, MDAssistant Professor
11Dr. Taposhi Bera, MDAssistant Professor
12Dr.U.V.P.U. Sowjanya, MDAssistant professor
13Dr.P. Persis, MBBSSenior Resident


List of Research publications done by department faculty

M. Madhuri

Study of clinical and laboratory profile of acute kidney injury at a tertiary care hospital –International journal of life sciences biotechnology and pharma research vol 12, No.2, Jan-march 2023 ISSN:2250-3137.

P.V.S.N.Kiran Kumar 

  1. Association of iron-related biomarkers with severity and mortality in COVID-19 patients.
  2. Association of circulatory klotho levels and its expression with miRNA-339 in patients with schizophrenia.

Most Interesting Facts of Department

Medical School Year of Student                            Year1

Year established                                                       1923        

PG SEATS PER YEAR (sanctioned)                         10

Number of faculty                                                      12       

Total PG degrees awarded                                        82

Annual Undegraduate Medal(s)                                2

Annual Undegraduate/Post graduate medal(s) in honor of-

Department Undergraduate Gold Medal                  Dr.RaoBahadur V.K.NarayanMenon

Under graduate Examination Prize                            Dr.Venkateswarulu 

PostGraduateGoldMedal                                            Dr.PeddaVeeraRaju