The first ICCU (coronary care unit) was established at King George Hospital, for the first time in Andhra Pradesh in 1981. The superspecialization DM course in Cardiology was started with 1 seat in 1991. On 18/6/1995, the cardiac catheterisation laboratory was started on campus at KGH. In 2007, a new cath lab was installed by the state government. The department offers academic training to medical undergraduates, post graduates, super specialty training in cardiology and to paramedical personnel such as nurses, technicians in the cath lab, and offers observership & training for pharmacy students. Services offered include:

1. Out Patient services

2. Inpatient services

3. Noninvasive Cardiology services‐ ECG, TMT, ECHO, Holter

4. Invasive Cath services‐Diagnostic & intervention procedures :

a. Cath studies

b. Diagnostic coronary, peripheral angiograms

c. Coronary angioplasties & PCIs

d. Renal angioplasties

e. Device closure of ASD , PDA in adults

f. Balloon valvuloplasty –PBMV,PBPV

g. Permanent pacing

List of Teaching Faculty

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr.M.Srinivasa Rao, MD, DM Professor Unit 1
2 Dr.B.Adilakshmi, MD, DM Professor Unit 2
3 Dr.K.P.Hema Malini Associate Professor Unit 1
4 Dr. P. Siva Dayal, MD, DM Assistant Professor Unit 1
5 Dr. G.J. Madhuri, MD, DM Assistant Professor Unit 2
6 Dr. T. Santhosh Kumar, MD, DM Assistant Professor Unit 2

Most Interesting Facts

Medical School Year of Student Year 4/5
Year established 1981
Number of Faculty 6
PG SEATS PER YEAR (sanctioned) 8
Total PG degrees awarded 35
Annual undegraduate medal 1
Annual Medicine Post Graduate medal Dr. IAV Prasada Lal
Post Graduate Gold Medal for DM students