Centenary Academic Block

Andhra Medical College is the oldest medical college in Andhra Pradesh and will be celebrating centenary in six years from now, in 2023.  The intake of undergraduate students has increased from 150 to 200 in 2011. Due to increased intake of undergraduate students and postgraduate students and requirements of Medical Council of India, there is necessity for  lecture halls, examination halls, spacious library and cloak rooms with specifications of  area and seating.

There is an urgent need to build an exclusive academic block  since it is  difficult to create the required  facilities  in the existing buildings .This facility should accommodate 4 lecture halls with 300 seating capacity, 3 examination halls  with 250 seating capacity  and a library with an area of  4000 square meters with ancillary facilities, to fulfill the MCI requirements.  Since  the  auditorium in the college  was  badly  damaged  during the  Hud Hud Cyclone  and as there is no other suitable  site in the college ,   academic  block  is  proposed to be built  in place of  auditorium. Hence, the block should have an auditorium with 1000 to 1500 seating capacity.

Hence, it is decided to build a new building “Centenary Academic Block” (CAB) during the meetings of College Council. It is also decided that  this facility should be adequate for future needs as the intake of undergraduate students may further   increase to 250 in near future. In this regard, proposals and estimates  prepared by APMSIDC were sent to the Government through DME.

In view of huge expenditure involved for proposed construction, Principal of Andhra Medical College has approached   AMCOSA and AMCANA for support and contribution for construction of Centenary Academic Block.  Series of meetings were held in the office of the Principal with representatives of AMCOSA and AMCANA during 2015 and 2016.Both AMCANA and AMCOSA have agreed to  support the cause. In the last meeting, Dr.E.Pedaveeraju and Dr.K.Rammurthy of AMCOSA came forward to hire an architect to conduct site-survey, prepare plans for construction and also prepare a Detailed Project Report.

The President of AMCANA has communicated through email that AMCANA will contribute one million dollars, which was later enhanced to 1.5 million dollars provided AMCOSA will provide equal amount. It is decided that the Government should be requested for proportional matching grant.  For successful execution of the above task, it is essential and appropriate to form Centenary Academic Block Society.  In this context, Centenary Academic Block Society is constituted.

The Society will work with the following goals:

  1. It will mobilize funds for construction of the block

2. It will approach and obtain permission and funds from the Government.

  1. It will execute and supervise construction including infrastructure and furnishing of the building.
  2. Creation of corpus fund as an option for provision for emergency needs in the Centenary Academic Block.
  3. It will approach Department of Income tax and other Governmental departments for facilitating donations from alumni and philanthropic individuals and organizations.
  4. Maintenance of Centenary Academic Block after construction will be carried out by the College

The Society comprises the following members.


Ex Officio Members:

Vice Chancellor, Dr.NTR UHS, Vijayawada, A.P, Vijayawada.

Director of Medical Education, Andhra Pradesh.

Principal, Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam.

Superintendent, KGH, Visakhapatnam.

List of Members

1Dr.T.Ravi RajuChairman
2Dr.N.Subba RaoMember
6Dr.SNR NaveenMember
7Dr.G.Butchi RajuMember
8Dr.R.Sasi PrabhaMember
9Dr.K.Rama MurthyCo-Convener
12Dr.SKE. ApparaoMember
13Dr.A.V.Siva PrasadMember
14Dr.B.Udaya KumarMember
15Dr.Ravi VenkatachalamMember
16Dr.P.V.S.S.Vijaya BabuMember
17Dr.VRK Prasad ChalasaniCo-Convener
18Dr.Seetaramayya NagulaMember
19Dr.Nagendra MyneniMember
20Dr.Ram Mohan KairamMember
21Dr.Raj Gopal NandyalMember

The   AMCCAB society will strive hard to bring about the successful execution of the project.

Proposed Plan of the Project awaiting for approval.


Alumni of Andhra Medical College,

Kindly note that Contrubutions for

CENTENARY ACADEMIC BLOCK at Andhra Medical College.

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