The Department was first established in 1925 at Andhra Medical College as the “Department of Hygiene and Bacteriology”. It was headed by Dr. C. Rama Murthy as the First Professor and Head. It was renamed in 1955 as “Department of Social and Preventive Medicine” and now called “Department of Community Medicine”. Over the years, the Department has established itself as an invaluable base of learning for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students with involvement in the field of teaching, research and medico‐social activities. The Department of Community Medicine was nurtured by several stalwarts like Dr Sonti Dakshina Murthy, who was an advisor to the WHO for about 25 years on Malaria, and Dr Swarajya Lakshmi who was a pioneer in Research and was actively involved in the establishment of an Iodized salt factory in Paderu (tribal area of Visakhapatnam). Faculty are actively involved in research, publications as well as conducting various didactic activities. Research projects undertaken in the department include the prevalance of multiple viral infections like Dengue, Chikungunya in Visakhapatnam and the surrounding areas, as well as COVID vaccine trials, implementation of the NCDIR electronic mortality software and survey of the neighbouring population for various non communicable diseases.

More Interesting Facts

 Medical School Year of Student                           Year 4

 Year established                                       1925

 Annual undegraduate medal in honor of – Dr. Vallabha Rao

Silver Jubilee Celebrations Committee Medal

Intresting Facts
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    Number of faculty

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    PG SEATS PER YEAR (sanctioned)

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    Annual undegraduate medal(s)

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    Total PG degrees awarded

List of Teaching Faculty

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr.A.Krishnaveni, MD Professor
2 Dr.Y. Padmasri, MD Professor
3 Dr.P.J. Srinivas, MD Associate Professor
4 Dr.T. Charitha, MD Associate Professor
5 Dr.K.K. Lakshmi Prasad, MD Associate Professor
6 Dr.D. Errayya, MD Asst.Professor
7 Dr.M. Kalyani, MD Asst.Professor
8 Dr.J.N.V. Srinivas, MD Asst.Professor
9 Dr.B. Ramarao, MD Asst.Professor
10 Dr.P. Kiran, MD Asst.Professor
11 Dr.V. Haritha, MD Asst.Professor
12 Dr.V. Soumya, MD Asst.Professor
13 Dr. B Manoj Aravind, MD Asst.Professor
14 Dr.K. Helena, MD Asst.Professor
15 Dr.S.Chandrika, MD Asst.Professor
16 Dr. Jyothsna Kiran Burila, MD Senior Resident
17 Sri M.Atchyutaramayya Lecturer in Social Science