This department was started in 1946, and prior to that the functions were covered by the staff of the department of pathology. The separate block that currently houses the department was initiated in 2008.

In addition to the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students, this department serves an important role in the medicolegal field, training medical and polic officers, conducting post mortem examinations, and working closely with the judiciary in the examination of human remains, and providing expert witness testimony on a multitude of forensic issues.

Heads of Department
More Interesting Facts
 Medical School Year of Student                Year 4
Intresting Facts
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    Year established

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    PG SEATS PER YEAR (sanctioned) 5 Md/ 5 DD

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    Number of Faculty

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    Total PG degrees awarded

List of Teaching Faculty

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr.K.Mamatha,MD  Professor
2 Dr. Shaik Shavukath Ali, MD Professor
3 Dr. Venkata Ramana Pedada, MD Associate Professor
4 Dr. Rama Mohan Rao, MD Associate Professor
5 Dr.T. Mohit Kumar Moses, MD Assistant professor
6 Dr. Sravani Yandava, MD Assistant professor
7 Dr.K.AnanthRupesh,MD Assistant professor
8 Dr.S.M.KrishnaSagar,MD Assistant professor
9 Dr.N.SrinivasaReddy,MD Assistant professor
10 Dr.B.Narendra,MD Assistant professor