One of the oldest departments to be set up in King George Hospital was upgraded in 1923 to a full pledged department. Initially, the medical wards were housed in M1, M2, and M3 wards (present S2, urology, plastic surgery & cancer). The two blocks of Bhavanagar and Rajendra Prasad were inaugurated in 1949 and 1955 by the then governor of Madras and the then president of India respectively after whom they were named. The acute medical care unit is indeed a boon to the acutely ill patients. It runs for 24 hours. It has an attached clinical laboratory. Dr. W.C.Gray, IMS was the first professor and head. A number of medical luminaries followed in his footsteps.

List of Teaching Faculty

S.No Name Designation Mobile Number Mail ID
01 Dr.S.Sreenivas Professor & HOD 9849254554
02 Dr.K.Indira Devi Professor 9849187819
03 Dr.Y.Gnanasundara Raju Professor 9573606609
04 Dr.D.Radhakrishnan Professor 9848016732
05 Dr.K.Rambabu Professor 9177747328
06  Dr B Srinivasa Rao Associate Professor 8499985884
07 Dr.Santosh Kumar K Associate Professor 9849988970
08 Dr.G.Vasavilatha Associate Professor 9849466506
09 Dr.K.Sreedevi Associate Professor 9440592694
10 Dr.R.Vikram Vardhan Assistant professor 9618412333
11 Dr.M.V.V.Gandhi Assistant professor 9912940602
12 Dr.A.Ramakrishnam Naidu Assistant professor 9885093386
13 Dr.S.Lakshmi Sowjanya Assistant professor 9948811005
14 Dr.S.Narsinga Rao Assistant professor 9848136704
15 Dr.K.Padmalatha Assistant professor 9246620072
16 Dr. B.Jyotirmayi  Assistant professor 9581263679
17 Dr.A.Kanakamahalakshmi Assistant professor 9441647416
18 Dr.V.C.Srinivas Reddy Assistant professorr 9703157774
19 Dr.D.Vijaya Babu Assistant professor 9440061543
20 Dr.Geeta Priyadarshini Assistant professor 9989364536 dr.geetapriyadarsani@gm