The department started in 1923 has been housed in the current CSR block since 2022. There are 2 elective theatres equipped with laporoscopic equipment for better patient care, and one emergency theater with 3 operating tables in each theater. Endoscopy was started in 2013, and an Endotrainer lab has been operational since January 2020 which offers advanced training on simulators or post graduate and faculty skill development. The department currently serves over 4000 outpatients and 600 inpatients every month. Both major and out‐patient procedures total approximately 1000 surgeries per month. There are 230 inpatient beds in 6 units, that are serving

Heads of Department
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 Medical School Year of Student                       year 3 & 5
                    Annual undegraduate medal in honor of 
DR. S. Rangachari                     KIRLAMPURDI MEDAL
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List of Teaching Faculty

1Dr. V.ManmadhaRao,MSProfessorUnit1
2Dr. J.Kishore,MSProfessorUnit2
3Dr. M.Anand,MS,FRCSProfessorUnit3
4Dr. Ammaji,MSProfessorUnit4
5Dr. B.TejeswaraRao,MSProfessorUnit5
6Dr. S.Subramanyam,MSProfessorUnit6
7Dr. K.JanardhanaRao,DNBAssociateProfessor(s)Unit1
8Dr. VanajaRatnaKumari,MSAssociateProfessor(s)Unit2
9Dr. Ch.Satyanarayana,MSAssociateProfessor(s)Unit3
10Dr. B.VenkataRao,MSAssociateProfessor(s)Unit4
11Dr. N.Jagdeesh,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit1
12Dr. U.KodandaRamu,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit1
13Dr. B.KanakaMahalakshmi,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit1
14Dr. Y.VamseePriya,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit1
15Dr. C.DharmaKishoreRaja,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit2
16Dr. ShaliniDuvvada,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit2
17Dr. Lavanya,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit2
18Dr. Y.KarunaSudha,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit3
19Dr. D.Ugandhar,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit3
20Dr. SurajPattanayak,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit3
21Dr. T.V.S.S.Nagababbu,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit4
22Dr. S.S.R.NagendraBabu,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit4
23Dr. LakshmanaRao,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit4
24Dr. S.Sreehari,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit5
25Dr. A.Jogendra,MS,MChAssistantProfessor(s)Unit5
26Dr. AShivaKumar,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit5
27Dr. J.Sudhakar,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit6
28Dr. N.V.Bhaskar,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit6
29Dr. P.VenkataVivek,MSAssistantProfessor(s)Unit6