The department was started in 1935, with Rao Bahudur Dr. B. Tirumala Rao as the first Head & Lecturer. In 1959, ENT was made a separate exam. The faculty are experts in microscopic ear surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery and ENT cancer surgery. To do extensive nasal surgeries, they use Karl Storz endoscopes. ENT surgeries to remove tonsils and adenoids and surgical procedures to relieve nasal obstructions are regularly performed by the department.

Microlaryngeal surgery to correct voice disorders and problems in the voice box are often done by specialists in the department. Major operations as part of cancer treatment such as removal of larynx (voice box) and lymph nodes are also offered by the unit.

List of Teaching Faculty

S.NoNameDesignationMobile NumberMail ID
1Dr.K. JeevanPradeepProfessor9849703132kjpradeepent@gmail.com
2Dr.P. RambabuAssistant Professor9849516070Potti_rambabu@yahoo.com
3Dr.G. KeerthiVarmaAssistant Professor9849943393varmamedico@yahoo.com
4Dr.Ch. Ramesh KumarAssistant Professor8499888518drramesh_ent_2007@yahoo.co.in
5Dr.R. BhimeswarProfessor9440127575drbhimeshwar@gmail.com
6Dr.B. AjaykumarAssistant Professor9441630999kumar.ent123@gmail.com
7Dr.D. SivaSankaraiahAssistant Professor9949405382Sivashankar.dr@gmail.com
8Dr.D. BhimaRaoAssistant Professor9440357075bhimarao3642@gmail.com
9Dr.S. MuralidharaRaoProfessor9989850350smuralidharent@gmail.com
10Dr.K. SrideviAssistant Professor8500355898srisri0602@gmail.com
11Dr. Srirama Naveen KumarAssistant Professor9492258090srirama.navn@gmail.com
12Dr. FathimaAssistant Professor8333827332fathima.sk.royal@gmail.com

List of Postgraduates

S.No Name Designation Mobile Number Mail ID
1 Dr.Mohammed Naseema Sulthana Junior Resident 7991260787 mdnaseemasulthana@gmail.com
2 Dr.Venkata Satya Sai Karthik Junior Resident 9989027375 karthikpervela@yahoo.in
3 Dr. Earne Subhasree Junior Resident 8074869789 earnesubhasree@gmail.com
4 Dr.M. Venkateswarlu Junior Resident 9494508004 smvenkatesh65@gmail.com
5 Dr. Varre Jhansi Rani Junior Resident 8985763439 ranivarre@gmail.com
6 Dr. Molleti Jotsnasri Junior Resident 9398639189 jotsna.molleti95@gmail.com
7 Dr. Nadendla Chandra Mouli Junior Resident 9502833613 chandu.chandra40@gmail.com
8 DR.TanveerAfroze Junior Resident 9704336630 cutegirl.tanveer@gmail.com
9 DR. Rilaidorlyngskor Junior Resident 9735927152 rilalyngskor93@icloud.com
10 DR.Dhyananthan Junior Resident 6379065735 dhaya4613@gmail.com
11 Dr.B. Sai Srinivas Junior Resident 9652396870 bhumanasaisrinivas@gmail.com
12 Dr.S. Hemalatha Junior Resident 8300516358 hemalathasubramanian97@gmail.com
13 Dr. Paluri Vinay Junior Resident 9010963008 palurivinay66@gmail.com
14 Dr. Morumpalle Niveditha Junior Resident 9550530669 nivedithareddymorumpalle@gmail.com
15 Dr. Tapasvi Kallepalli Junior Resident 7799654477 tapasvik7@gmail.com
16 Dr. Syed Asadhullah Ali Junior Resident 9790331397 asadhullah96@gmail.com
17 Dr.K. Niveditha Junior Resident 9655087479 nivikumarasamy@gmail.com
18 Dr. Akula Srinivasa Raghu Babu Junior Resident 9177632582 srvakula92@gmail.com
19 Dr. MadinaSudhir Kumar Junior Resident 7989685223 Sudhir.madina@gmail.com
20 Dr. Kamatham Rincy Junior Resident 9110344502 Limmi5762@gmail.com
21 Dr. R. Naveen Kumar Junior Resident 9677850267 naveen.rpr@gmail.com
22 Dr.G. Ramya Junior Resident 9110741989 gudisevaramaya@gmail.com
23 Dr.K. Deepak Junior Resident 8870319668 deepak2211k@gmail.com
24 Dr. Fricky Nongkhlaw Junior Resident 8041614894 frickynongkhlaw76@gmail.com
25 Dr. Veerabaghu Junior Resident 9444609028 sriramveerabaghu30@gmail.com
26 Dr. Sunidhi Sharma Junior Resident 9573693806 sunidhisharma79@gmail.com
27 Dr. M. Dharani Naga Sai Junior Resident 9493611312 dharanimaddula97@gmail.com
28 Dr. Abhilasha Jaiswal Junior Resident 8871873641 jaiswalabhilasha3@gmail.com
29 Dr.K. Kavya Sai Siri Junior Resident 7287072865 Kavyasri20@gmail.com
30 Dr.K. Chandrasekhar Junior Resident 9912444184 br.chandra95@gmail.com
31 Dr.M. Chandrasekhar Ajay Junior Resident 7569306996 chandrasekharajay2016@gmail.com
32 Dr. Chinta Naga Sailaja Junior Resident 8074099141 chinta.sailu7070@gmail.com
33 Dr. Guntu Jemima Junior Resident 8332975088 guntujemima@gmail.com

List of Non Teaching Staff

S.No Name Designation Mobile Number Mail ID
1 Dr.Ch.Karuna Sri CAS 9553208316 karunasreechekka@gmail.com
2 Dr. V. Nagarjuna CAS 9966513365 nagarjuna.ultimate@gmail.com
3 Dr.B.N.V.S.SivaPrasanth CAS 9989605191 bnvssprasanth7@gmail.com
4 Dr. B. Benarji CAS 7989547630 beenabenarji@gmail.com