The department started in 1961 in the current location in Seethammadhara. The degree course in MD (Chest & TB) was started in 1979 at Andhra University. The Hospital moved to its curent location in 2005. Services rendered at the hopsital include outpatient and inpatient care for a variety of chest diseases as well as communicable illnesses such as Tetanuas, Rabies, Swine flu, Acute diarrheal infecions and chicken pox.

The Hospital has a 12 bed Respiratory Intensive care unit, and procedures such as bronchoscopy, video assisted thoracoscopy are routinely performed here. The facility also has a center for treatment of HIV/ AIDS patients and an ICT center for counselling of HIV patients.

The faculty are involved in the education of MBBS students as well as post graduates and the department boasts a rich variety of clinical research projects as well as publications in national and international journals by the faculty

Heads of Department

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 Medical School Year of Student                       Year  3 & 4
Intresting Facts
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    PG SEATS PER YEAR (sanctioned)

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    Number of Faculty

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    Total PG degrees awarded

S.No. Name Designation
1 R.SunilKumar,MD Professor
2 CH.R.N.BhushanaRao,MD Professor
3 B.M.S.Patrudu,MD Professor
4 M.K.Mohanty,MD Associate Professor
5 K.VenkataRamana,MD Associate Professor
6 S.Praveena,MD Associate Professor
7 S.Praveena,MD Assistant Professor
8 B.Padmaja,MD Assistant Professor
9 J.V.Praveen,MD Assistant Professor
10 K.KanakaLakshmi,MD Assistant Professor
11 V.Vijayakumari,MD Assistant Professor
12 M.V.ShantiAnnapurna,MD Assistant Professor
13 P.Venkaiah,MD Assistant Professor
14 D.V.PratapaReddy,MD Assistant Professor