Good Clinical Practices

Andhra Medical College Hosts Workshop on Good Clinical Practices for Postgraduates
               In accordance with the revised current guidelines for postgraduate medical education in India, the Department of Pharmacology at Andhra Medical College organized a workshop for postgraduates on Good Clinical Practices (GCP). With a participation of 322 delegates, the workshop aimed to equip postgraduates with essential
knowledge and skills in adhering to ethical and scientific standards in clinical research.
The event was inaugurated by Dr. G. Butchi Raju (Principal, Additional DME, Andhra Medical
College), Dr. P. Ashok Kumar (Superintendent, King George Hospital), Dr. Jyothi Padmaja (APMC
Observer and Former Prof of  Microbiology), Dr. D. Syamala (Professor& Head of Pharmacology) and Dr. K. Hima Bindu (Professor of Pharmacology), with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp.
The workshop provided a comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements, ethical
considerations, and best practices in conducting clinical trials and research studies, featuring
interactive in-depth sessions, allowing participants to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world
scenarios. Experts in the field facilitated discussions and shared valuable insights, enriching the
learning experience for attendees.
The role of postgraduates in advancing medical knowledge and delivering medical care responsibly
and ethically, with minimal harm to the patient, was highlighted in each session.
With the ever-evolving landscape of medical research and patient care, adherence to Good Clinical
Practices is paramount. We are committed to providing our postgraduates with holistic education
and training that prepares them for the challenges of modern,  said Dr. G. Butchiraju, Principal
Additional DME, Andhra Medical College. The workshop on Good Clinical Practices underscores our
dedication to fostering ethical conduct and excellence in medical research, with a special emphasis
on interdisciplinary collaborations.
The workshop received enthusiastic participation from postgraduates across all specialties, reflecting
the collective commitment of Andhra Medical College to promoting a culture of integrity and
professionalism in healthcare.
Good Clinical Practices
Good Clinical Practices

Andhra Medical College

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