Department of Human Physiology was started in July 1923 along with the Medical College with Dr.M.L. Kamath as the first Professor followed by several Stalwarts.  The Department was selected as one of the 7 centres for Neurophysiological work in India in 1963 under Dr P Brahmayya Sastry by the International Brain Research Foundation. The dept. has awarded many Ph.D. and MD degrees.

Human physiology is a branch of science that focuses on the study of how the human body functions. It covers a wide range of topics, including the structure and function of cells, tissues, organs, and systems within the body. The Human Physiology department is a department within Andhra Medical College that is dedicated to the study of human physiology. This department typically employs researchers and faculty members who specialize in various aspects of human physiology, and offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the field.

Medical students who complete courses in human physiology as part of their undergraduate degree are equipped with a deep understanding of the functions of the human body at the cellular, tissue, and organ level. This knowledge is essential for students who are going on to clinical departments, where they will diagnose and treat patients with a variety of medical conditions.

The Department of Physiology at Andhra Medical College maintains a well-equipped library with a wide range of books, journals, and digital resources. The library houses textbooks, reference books, and monographs covering various aspects of physiology and related fields. These resources are available to faculty members, research scholars, and students of the department for consultation and reference.

In addition to the departmental library, the Physiology Department of Andhra Medical College also has a well-equipped lecture gallery with a seating capacity of 150. The lecture gallery is designed to facilitate effective teaching and learning and is equipped with modern audio-visual aids. There are also two demo rooms with a capacity of 100 each, which are used for demonstrations and practical classes.

The Demo rooms are also equipped with audio-visual aids to aid in teaching and learning. These facilities are utilized by faculty members to conduct lectures, demonstrations, and Small Group discussions on various topics related to physiology. The audio-visual aids include projectors, smart boards, and other digital devices.

List of Teaching Faculty

S.No Name Designation Mobile Number   Mail ID
1 Dr.M.Padma Geethanjali Professor & HOD 9441517044 gmpadma@yahoo.com
2 Dr.M. Usha Rani Professor 9440188736 ushaprasad6@gmail.com
3 Dr.D. Taraka Lakshmi Associate Professor 9490888090 dandangitarakalakshmi@gmail.com
4 Sub Lieutenant Dr P S N Raju Associate Professor 9963123125 doctorraju@yahoo.com
5 Dr.P Pratima Associate Professor 9966680392 pedadapratima23@gmail.com
6 Dr.Ch. Krishna Veni Assistant Professor 8074029233 drkveni1512@gmail.com
7 Dr.M. Joshna Rani Assistant Professor 9581585869 joshnamalla@gmail.com
8 Dr.R. Srinadh Assistant Professor 9159991528 hdanirs@gmail.com
9 Dr.N. Sheela Indira Assistant Professor 7675091050 sheelaindira.n@gmail.com
10 Dr.Ch.B. Sai Srinivas Assistant Professor 9866360441 saisrinivaschennupati@gmail.com
11 Dr.V. Venkata Rajesh Assistant Professor 8374214182 drvvrajesh.amc@gmail.com
12 Dr.K. Bhavya Bhavani Assistant Professor 9676199457 drbhavyak923@gmail.com
13 Dr Amar Sandeep Assistant Professor 7093747670 kittu2519@gmail.com

List of Postgraduates

S.NoNameDesignationMobile NumberMail ID
1Dr.T.S. MadhuriFinal Year9550089699t.susmithamadhuri@gmail.com
2Dr.M. Rama DeviFinal Year9492537252meesalaramadevi08@gmail.com
3Dr.M. Kamala PriyadarshiniFinal year9652683595priyadh.mekala@gmail.com
4Dr.T. SrinivasFinal Year8106103033dr.srimini@gmail.com
5Dr. Shaik AmeenaSecond Year8247883948ameenadadshaik@gmail.com
6Dr.M. KamalakarSecond Year7901467882stephenkamal123@gmail.com
7Dr.G. Swati LakshmiSecond Year9491334741dr.g.swatilakshmi9889@gmail.com
8Dr.V. Sai ShanmukhSecond Year9912980994drshanmukh@hotmail.com
9Dr.Priya Ranjita PatnaikFirst Year9000558305drpriyapatnaik@gmail.com
10Dr. Neehal LingamFirst Year9502105542drneehal@gmail.com

List of Non Teaching Staff

S.NoNameDesignationMobile Number  Mail ID
1M. KamarajuLab Technician9705663276mamidikamaraju@gmail.com
2K. SatyavathiLab Assistant9121734878kolli.satyavathi1978@gmail.com
3B.B. JeevithaLab Technician8500085635jeevithabb95@gmail.com
4E. Narasimha MurthyLab Assistant9515878740etinarasimhamurthy@gmail.com
5B. SatyanarayanaOffice Subordinate9849804089satyanarayanaborra@gmail.com
6M. Manga VeniOffice Subordinate9392708130venuvenkat84185@gmail.com
7V. Raajulamma Sweeper9494240743vanabaringirajulamma@gmail.com
8P. Vijay Kumar Sweeper8341496095geethikasri90@gmail.com